The KIC-DL is made of certified material with excellent mechanical and chemical structural properties. It composed by a main body (where the electrical interface connector is placed) and a cover. The KIC-DL external and internal surfaces undergone appropriate treatment to guarantee electrical isolation and/or corrosion resistance. The KIC-DL provides two Level of Containment (LoC). The KIC-DL is provided with a standardized electrical connector that allows its use on existing facilities or equipment available on ISS. Alternative connectors can be implemented on request. In its standard configuration the KIC-DL is fully qualified for manned missions and for many of the carriers available today.



Levels of Containment  (LoC) 2
External Envelope 98x62x23 mm (LxWxH)
Internal Dimensions  78x40x21 mm  (LxWxH) – for EU accommodation
Internal volume  66 ml (whole available volume is ≈80 ml)
Container Mass 80 grams (standard electrical connector included)
Electrical Connector  17 contacts
Operative Temperature -5 °C to +45 °C (qualified)
Crew Handling YES
In-Flight Opening NO
Operations Automatic experiment execution

 Additional Detailed information available on request.




QUALIFIED FOR Progress – Soyuz – Dragon
QIALIFIED FOR Manned Missions (ISS - Soyuz)




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